A transatlantic jewellery journey

We’ve loved being part of Will and Marysia’s bespoke jewellery journey, from creating their meaningful egg-inspired engagement ring to their beautifully unique wedding bands. Based in the US and with a strong focus on design and capturing their story, we’ve been on a wonderful creative adventure. Here we speak to Will and Marysia about their W&W experience…

Can you tell us a bit about your story? Will: The story of us meeting is a modern one: we met via a dating app.
I proposed to Marysia over breakfast. That morning, I made a particularly elaborate breakfast. Because I often like to make even simple day to day tasks into extravagant events, this did not arouse Marysia’s suspicion. In fact, she was quite surprised by the proposal and it took her a minute to realize what was happening. We were married roughly a year later with an elopement in the desert of Arizona. We considered a large, festive wedding but in the end, this decision made the most sense for us. We love to share adventures and we had never been to the desert together, so we decided to camp, hike, and get married. It was perfect.

How did you discover W&W Jewellery? Will: I saw an article on a piece W&W did in Wallpaper Magazine. I reached out about creating a custom engagement ring and that was how our relationship started.

What was the inspiration behind your engagement ring? Will: The engagement ring was inspired by a shared experience: breakfast. When Marysia and I moved in together, we had conflicting schedules and weekend breakfast was often the only meal we got to enjoy together. We ate soft-boiled eggs and enjoyed coffee. It was something we
looked forward to and something we appreciated immensely. When I spoke to Dickie about possibilities for an egg themed engagement ring, he and his team came up with some wonderfully elegant and creative concept rings. The finished product was truly spectacular. The ring is meaningful and unique to us. Everytime we look at it, it brings back those fond memories.

What was the inspiration behind your wedding rings? Will: We wanted wedding rings that suited our individual sense of style and personality. A wedding ring is a piece of jewelry that you showcase every day and is representative of a meaningful bond. Often people go with more expected styles, but we wanted pieces that were in some way extensions of ourselves.

What influenced your design input? Marysia: W&W created such a unique piece as my engagement ring, I simply wanted to emphasize and showcase some of the distinct qualities it had. My goal was to have a ring that would have colors and textures used in the engagement ring but to appear slightly more subdued. I wanted
to have a ring for all settings with some distinct, personal touches.
Will: My ring was largely influenced by my own aesthetic preferences and of course, guided by Dickie’s breadth of experience. I wanted my ring to have a personal connection to Marysia and I feel we were able to accomplish this goal.

Are there echoes of those influences in the pieces W&W created for you? Will: Yes. Dickie and
I looked at many rings prior to his initial concepts, but I was unable to find anything that demonstrated the shape I was trying to achieve. I was looking for a ring that could be both curved and angled. My ring is strongly angled while also being rounded, wearable, and unique. My favorite touch is the bloodstone which is Marysia’s birthstone inlaid into the top of the ring.

How did you find the remote process and journey of creating the rings? Will: The remote process was seamless. We communicated by phone, Facetime, and email as needed. When we looked at opals, we Facetimed so I could see how they reacted to light. When I had questions about design specifics or direction, Dickie made himself available for a conversation. I wanted to work with W&W because I knew they were willing to innovate and create unique jewellery that is both elegant and of the highest caliber. For us, this also meant we had to be able to work together from a distance and the process worked really well

Do you have any advice for others looking to design their own engagement or wedding rings? Will: My advice is
to come to the table with a rough idea or a great story and entrust W&W to do what they do best. I ended up with an engagement ring for Marysia that she loves because I drew inspiration from what I knew about her and made it meaningful to us. I spoke to Dickie about my ideas and he and his team guided the process from there.

Wedding photos by Jane in the Woods

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