Beautiful gemstones from around the world

We live and breathe beautiful gemstones. From diamonds and emeralds to sapphires and pearls – every gemstone is unique and will ultimately determine the overall style of a piece of bespoke jewellery.

We go to great lengths to source the perfect stones to complete each piece of jewellery. The stones might signify birthdays, eye colour or act as a special reminder of a memorable holiday or honeymoon destination.

We teamed up with Turquoise Holidays to create a beginners guide to the origins of some of our favourite gemstones…

Where do our precious gemstones come from?

From Africa to Australia and Tahiti, precious gemstones originate from all around the world – travelling to each location would be the jewellery journey of a lifetime! Many of the top Turquoise holiday destinations are not only known for their breath-taking scenery but are also hotspots for finding some of the most beautiful and rare gemstones in the world.

Known as the place for diamonds, Botswana houses one of the largest diamond mines in the world producing a full range of diamonds in all sizes, colours and clarities. The majority of Botswana’s diamond production focuses on high-quality dodecahedral stones, perfect to be shaped and faceted into a dream diamond ring completely personal to you.

Tsavorite has been hailed by many, as being everything a fine gemstone should be. Kenyan tsavorite is highly coveted for its intense colour and due to its high refraction, is one of the most brilliant types of tsavorite around. The beautiful gemstone makes a magnificent centrepiece to any jewellery set.

A relatively new source of rubies, Mozambique now homes the world’s largest trade supply. Rubies from Mozambique have an intense red hue with slightly purple undertone that makes them highly coveted. Mozambique’s geology provides the perfect climate for the creation of the beautifully vibrant red stones that will add radiance to any jewellery piece.

A premium location for opals, Australia is a major contender in the sourcing of many different types of opal, including the rare and very valuable black opal. The most coveted opals display the vibrant play-of-colour within the stone most brilliantly, showing a full spectrum of colour caused by the diffraction of light within the stone.

The beautiful and rare Tahitian Pearl makes a stunning centrepiece for any bespoke piece. This exquisite black pearl is one of the rarest and most beautiful pearls in the world. The organic gems delicious dark hue will forever evoke memories of your blissful island holiday.

Sri Lanka
This stunning island is an incredible source of a wide range of precious stones, but the jewel in Sri Lanka’s crown really is the blue sapphire. Sri Lankan cerulean sapphires (a beautiful cornflower blue) are regarded as the most brilliant and beautiful in the world. Gems from the island have adorned some of the world’s most beautiful women from the Queen of Sheba to Princess Diana.

Known for its breath-taking blue, the world’s only tanzanite mines are located in stunning Tanzania giving this vibrant stone its name. The most prized tanzanite gemstones have been heated to unlock the pure violet blue colour. A popular choice for pendants and earrings alike, the unique shade of this beautiful stone will evoke memories of African skies whenever you set eyes on it.

While our gemmological guide is by no means comprehensive, we hope it provides a source of inspiration for your next piece of jewellery with us. From opulent opals to sumptuous sapphires, these precious gemstones offer an exciting opportunity to be creative and capture your own journey…

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