Insta Takeover with Sarah Moore

Look out for this week’s Instagram takeover with Sarah Moore. Presenter of Money for Nothing and specialist in all things recycled and upcycled, Sarah will be showcasing some of our recent remodelled jewellery stories. Here we talk to Sarah about her love of recycling and all it has to offer.

Why is it important to reuse / recycle?
There are so many fabulous old things already in existence; it just seems like the only right thing to do is to make the most out of what we have. That’s before we even think about what we are doing to the planet.

What is special about a remodelled piece of jewellery?
I love the layered look, whether that’s clothing, interiors, design or jewellery. I love items with a story. If you have an old piece of jewellery that is no longer relevant or something that you would never wear then you could have it remodelled so you can enjoy it everyday. It’s also an amazing opportunity to create a new heirloom for your family.

What should people consider before getting jewellery remodelled?
If a job is worth doing it’s worth doing really well. Visiting a bespoke jewellers and talking through a design really thoroughly is the only way to guarantee that you will like the end result. It is an investment to have pieces remodelled but a great way of updating jewellery with sentimental value.

What do you enjoy about recycling in general?
In general many old things are a better quality than their modern counterparts. So the materials you can reclaim and the look that you get from repurposing an old item is really satisfying.

Why do you think this is a growing trend?
With stories everyday of pollution, the damage caused by single use plastics and the reckless use of natural resources we have, I see recycling and more careful use of materials as being the only option in the future.

To see Sarah’s takeover where she looks at the benefits and art of remodelling jewellery please follow our Instagram account here.

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