Opening the Jewellery Box

The making of our 2022-2023 Jewellery Box Collection


Over the years our Jewellery Box Collection has become a much-anticipated part of the Christmas season. As a business almost exclusively specialising in bespoke jewellery, the collection gives clients a unique opportunity to take home exquisite jewellery either designed or curated by our team.

This year our collection features a beautiful Toi et Moi ring and striking pendant, both created with up-cycled gemstones and recycled precious metals. The creative process initially started around the vibrant cushion cut tanzanite, which now features in the Toi et Moi ring, and myriad design ideas. As they developed, we added emerald cut diamonds, a colour-change sapphire and oval tanzanite to the pendant as well as an elongated cushion cut green tourmaline as the opposite element for the Toi et Moi ring.

Keep reading for an exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of our Jewellery Box Collection pendant…

In the Beginning…
Our story begins back in the summer with four possible designs on the table for our Jewellery Box Pendant. With no clear preference amongst the W&W team, we decided to put it to our Instagram followers to vote on which of the four designs we should bring to life.

The Public Has Spoken
Design two won by a landslide with 50% of voters naming it as their favourite. The public had spoken, so now it was time to start bringing this beautiful piece to life.

The Beauty’s in the Detail
The next stage in the process was to refine the initial sketch to make sure every aspect was perfect, then digitally develop the design (CAD). The 3D images generated during that process not only help us visualise how the finished piece will look but are also used to manufacture each specific component.

Each section of the pendant was then 3D printed and the models used to create moulds, which were cast in 18ct gold and platinum.

Chasing Perfection
With the cast elements now in the workshop our goldsmith began the delicate and painstaking process of preparing and hand polishing every part of the pendant.

Romancing the Stone
Next was the moment we had all been waiting for as the exquisite collection of diamonds and gemstones were placed in their settings. To create space for each stone our goldsmith gently carved out metal, forming a bed on which each stone rests, then a tiny lip is artfully teased over the edge to encase the stones in their bezel settings.

The Finishing Touch
Once the gemstones were securely in place the pendant was delivered to the London Assay Office for hallmarking with our very own sponsor mark and the Platinum Jubilee mark for 2022. Then it was time for the finishing touches and final polish of each individual component to ensure a flawless finish.

Our 2022-2023 Jewellery Box Collection
Without further ado, introducing our Jewellery Box Collection Pendant. Voted for by you, this incredible necklace was crafted with timelessness in mind, a piece to transcend trends and be enjoyed for years to come. A beautiful addition to any jewellery box.

Click here to discover more about this year’s collection, including purchase details.

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