Mermaid Ring

“I have always LOVED jewellery and am quite a magpie for shiny things. I had various pieces of unworn but sentimental jewellery and wanted to make something really special and positive out of them following a tough few years. I already had in mind a couple of ring designs I really liked and I knew I wanted a real showstopper. I love bold geometric jewellery design and cuff style rings enclosed in diamonds. I showed Richard at W&W who totally got what I wanted and sent me back some initial ideas. I chose the panel ring as it was something completely different and meant I could include almost all the stones I had. I wanted something bold in gold, but that I could also wear every day. We went back and forth on the diamond placement on the shoulders and agreed on the perfect solution and it was all super simple. Once I know what I want I am pretty brave about going for it and I trusted Richard completely.

This all happened during lockdown, so it was a slower process than usual, but Richard kept in touch and brought me a resin model of the ring to try on which was super exciting to see. A few weeks later and I have the finished ring and it’s absolutely perfect.

My children call it my survival ring, for all the things I have come through, but the day it was delivered I found out that, according to legend, aquamarines are known as mermaid’s stones, protecting sailors from the perils of the sea. As someone who lives in and on the water as much as possible, this just seemed completely fitting, so now it’s my mermaid’s ring.

I just love it and I love that rather than letting all those stones linger in a jewellery box, we’ve made them into something truly beautiful. It is far greater than the sum of its parts, it is an investment and it will be an heirloom and part of my legacy for years to come.”

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