Symbolism in Bespoke Engagement Rings and Jewellery

Our beautiful bespoke engagement rings and jewellery often come with a deeper meaning, for example a thoughtful piece commissioned for a special birthday or an engagement ring given as a symbol of a couple’s love and devotion to each other. But beyond personal meaning, historically some jewellery styles carry with them a symbolic heritage of their own.

Engaging with history

Possibly the ultimate in symbolic jewellery, an engagement ring is representative of a couple’s promise to each other and is laden with heartfelt sentiment. Some traditional engagement ring styles are also viewed to have special significance.

Representing past, present and future, the three-stone engagement ring is rich with symbolism. The stone that signifies the present tends to be the larger central stone while the surrounding stones represent the couple’s history and their future together.

While a popular choice due to its timeless aesthetic and added layer of meaning, the three stone ring can be adapted to make it completely unique to a couple. Whether choosing different diamond shapes and sizes or a combination of gemstones, you can go traditional, bold or out of the ordinary in style for your bespoke engagement ring design.

To infinity and beyond

Another age-old icon which has found its way into contemporary engagement ring design is the ancient infinity symbol. This distinctive continuous crossover pattern, common in pendants and necklaces, is believed to represent eternity and everlasting love and therefore adds lovely meaning when cleverly incorporated into bespoke engagement rings.

Eternal love

Dating back to the ancient Egyptians, the eternity ring is a symbol of love often given to commemorate an important occasion. Typically, eternity rings are made with a complete circle of diamonds embedded around the band, but in recent years we have created some stunning variations on this theme, from using coloured gemstones to incorporating the never-ending eternity circle into a pendant.

Embrace the rainbow

Symbolism in jewellery is not purely limited to design. Different precious gemstones have also historically been endowed with hidden meaning. From pure white diamonds symbolising longevity and strength, to cool green emeralds representing truth and love, and beautiful blue sapphire signifying wisdom and integrity. We are specialists in sourcing just the right stones to help complete the perfect bespoke engagement ring or piece of jewellery.

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