‘Wheels Within Wheels’ Bespoke Design with Trevor Pickett

We have once again joined forces with luxury brand Pickett London, inviting its founder Trevor Pickett to guest curate an exclusive virtual bespoke design jewellery concept.

During our initial discussions, Trevor provided conceptual ideas which our designer Emma then set about transforming into a range of jewellery designs. These incorporated his love of England’s design and engineering heritage as well as his interest in time. As a keen cycling enthusiast, this theme was also a strong influence.

Following several consultations to refine the ideas, ‘Wheels Within Wheels’ was the final concept chosen. Inspired by structures of the Industrial Revolution era with a nod to the iconic British Tudor Rose, the bespoke design has a cog style setting that subtly links the piece to Trevor’s interests in time and cycling. The colour scheme of the gemstones is linked to the Olympic rings and is an example of acrostic jewellery, where the first letter of the gemstone spells a word, in this case the Latin word ‘heros’.

The strong patterns and shapes from a bygone era are cleverly crafted into a beautiful bespoke design that could be used for many different pieces for both men and women, from cufflinks or studs, to a pendant or ring.

We have enjoyed collaborating with Pickett, and in particular Trevor, on this exciting project and look forward to the possibility of working closely with this iconic brand again in the future.

If you would like to commission this jewellery concept or create your own bespoke piece of jewellery that represents your passions, interests and style, please contact us here.

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