Your FAQs: Custom Engagement Rings

At W&W Jewellery we pride ourselves on our friendly and inclusive approach to crafting beautiful jewellery. Diving into the bespoke world should feel exciting rather than daunting. So, if you are looking to commission the perfect custom engagement ring, below the W&W team have answered the questions that matter when it comes to bespoke jewellery design…

What can I expect when designing a custom engagement ring?

Richard: The first step is to talk through your requirements either at our Clapham studio, via Zoom or a venue to suit you. We chat about any ideas you have regarding the design, your future partner’s likes and dislikes, what their lifestyle is like (are they into sport for instance) and also their personal style (it really helps to see some pictures).

This enables Emma, our designer to put pencil to paper and produce a series of design sketches for you to review and refine until completely perfect. With this in mind we will also present a considered selection of diamonds and gemstones so you can handpick the stones that will be the feature of your ring. Then it’s over to our goldsmith who will bring your unique custom engagement ring to life! Click here to see the full process.

Handmade or CAD?

Emma: Both handmade and CAD (computer aided design) methods have their benefits and we tend to tailor our approach depending on the piece and the approach most suited to it.   

Handmade is the traditional form of making jewellery from scratch, working from a design on paper, using the raw materials and tools of the trade. Done well, this highly skilled process is regarded as the premium option for fine jewellery. The finesse of a handmade piece will make the most of the beauty and unique properties of any gemstone.

CAD is hi-tech by comparison and involves 3D printing the design to create a mould that the precious metal is then cast into. These rough and raw forms are then prepared, assembled and finished by hand in our workshop. This is a precision process and the photo-realistic images it produces give you a great sense of your custom engagement ring before it is brought to life in the workshop.

Who makes your custom engagement rings?

Richard: It is important to us that every aspect of a commission is just right, so we take full responsibility for every element of your jewellery. From working closely with our talented designer to perfect every detail of the design, to our goldsmith exacting his care and skill over each and every piece, and the specialist skills we bring in for more challenging projects, every step of the making process is managed carefully by our expert team.   

Where do you get your gemstones from?

Simon: Richard and I are third generation jewellers – our father and grandfather both ran successful jewellery businesses. Over the years we have combined the longstanding trade relationships they nurtured with our own connections, resulting in a network of trustworthy and reputable stone suppliers in London and further afield. We pride ourselves in our expertise and always aim to source the best and most beautiful stones for the bespoke jewellery we create. We consider everything from size, quality and colour to origin, ethics and value so that every client has confidence in the stones they select.

When it comes to gemstones does size matter?

Simon: Gemstones come in all shapes, sizes and colours, so which one will steal a heart is all down to personal preference.

Diamonds are the most popular choice for a custom engagement ring and the cost of these coveted stones will be affected by the cut, clarity, colour, carat and weight of a stone.

Generally speaking, an increase in the size or quality of a stone will translate to an increase in price. However, we match your preferences to the options available in order to display the best selection for you to choose the perfect stone.

Do I need to know the correct finger size?

Richard: It’s great if you know your partner’s finger size, however this can be difficult information to come by. Over the years we’ve heard some fantastic stories from clients trying to guess their partner’s ring size. From using a headphone cable to measure whilst they sleep, to asking their mother or measuring their gloves.

We can always make an educated guess and photos come in very handy as do other rings they own. Size can vary hugely from finger to finger though and it isn’t an exact science.

If, once you’ve popped the question, you find the ring does need adjustment, our goldsmith will be happy to resize the piece once we have accurately measured your fiancée’s finger.

I have a date in mind I’d like to propose, how soon will my custom engagement ring be ready?

Emma: If there is a particular date or occasion that you would like the ring made in time for, we will always endeavour to meet that deadline for you. Generally speaking, we quote 6-8 weeks to create a piece of jewellery once a design has been finalised. However, we always aim to get your piece to you as quickly as we possibly can without compromising the design process or quality of the finished piece. 

Why choose W&W?

Richard: Our designer Emma is here to offer reassurance and advice on jewellery styles and always sets out to design the perfect custom engagement ring for your partner. We all have a lot of experience listening to clients, thinking about every element of a piece of jewellery and making sure we are 100% confident about each piece we create. We have a really considered and client focused approach, from the choice of diamonds and gemstones to the refinement of a design or finished piece, we want it to be absolutely right.

If you have any other questions about commissioning a custom engagement ring feel free to give us a call on 020 7924 2386 and we can arrange a time to meet at the W&W studio to chat your ideas through, or if time is scarce, we can always arrange a Zoom call at a convenient time for you.

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