Our Sustainability Ethos

Even as a small business we still have an impact on the world around us. We have a carbon footprint and our ethical values are reflected in the jewellery we create. We aim to reach new heights by creating jewellery that meets specific ethical demands alongside providing honest and transparent information that clients can trust.

We clearly state the service we are providing, the piece that we are being tasked with creating and as many details about the stones as possible before we start working on any commission. By doing so, our clients have the complete picture about the jewellery we are selling and we can stand by every element of the pieces we create.  

Here are a few common questions about the sustainability of fine jewellery. We hope our answers help explain how W&W creates beautiful jewels with ethical and ecological standards:

Where will my jewellery be made and who will make it?

W&W Jewellery’s dedicated workshop is in South London and each commission is made with the full involvement of our small, but highly skilled team. From time to time we have to outsource certain projects or elements of them. When projects are outsourced, it is to specialist, UK based businesses who complete technically demanding tasks that a business of our size simply doesn’t have the ability to handle internally. These are businesses we know and trust having worked with some of them over several generations. Our clients and each finished piece benefit from such productive relationships.  

Where are the precious metals that W&W uses sourced from?

The ability to work with Fairtrade metals is increasingly important. Whether we are digitally designing, or hand making a bespoke commission, it can be brought to life in Fairtrade gold. We can also reuse and recycle some precious metals, which helps to counter any ecological concerns about modern mining. Regardless of the metal we use, the way it is made remains the same – it is assembled, prepared, set and finished by hand, before being hallmarked in the UK with our own sponsor mark. That mark is confirmation that the metal meets the required legal standard and is a centuries old consumer protection.

Are your diamonds conflict free and do they comply with the Kimberley Process?

Demand for diamonds and gemstones continues to grow and our approach to sourcing these high value raw materials has become more and more considered. We have long standing and trusted trading relationships in place and aim to develop the business we do with those companies. Our clients benefit from those relationships too, with excellent trading terms and the reassurance of a legitimate paper trail for every stone we acquire. Our diamonds are conflict free and fully compliant with UN resolutions (The Kimberley Process).

The world of modern gemstone wholesale is a long way behind and we may only be able to guess at the origin of a gemstone. But we have already made significant efforts to get beyond the industry’s limitations and have access to responsibly mined and traceable gemstones. We continue to follow the positive developments in this area of the jewellery industry and take advantage of the design benefits that unusual and unique stones present.

I have an old piece of jewellery with gemstones in, can you re-use these in my bespoke jewellery? 

A significant proportion of our finished jewellery incorporates inherited or pre-owned diamonds and gemstones. The stones might be re-cut or polished for the project here in London and often add significant value to the piece, not just financial and sentimental, but also by making it more ethically sound. Having been forged as natural phenomena hundreds of millions of years ago, in some cases, it is only right that diamonds and gemstones are repurposed, however a project allows, as they should outlast us all.

Can you source Lab Grown Diamonds for me?

Lab Grown Diamonds are increasingly seen as an ethical alternative to natural stones, so as demand has increased, we have added Lab Grown alternatives to the stones we offer our clients. Whilst they can replicate natural stones without the ecological impact of a diamond mine the production of Lab Grown Diamonds uses a huge amount of energy. Of course that consumption can be off set, but it should also be acknowledged.  

How are you reducing your carbon footprint as a company?

Our clients appreciate knowing about the jewellery we create for them and have confidence in what we do, W&W Jewellery has been committed to bespoke commissions since its inception. Our jewellery is designed and made in the UK, by skilled craftsmen and women, piece by piece. The W&W business model was a deliberate departure from the traditional UK bricks and mortar jewellery retailer, that continues to rely on imported mass-manufactured jewellery. By making individual pieces ourselves, we reduce any transit associated carbon footprint and increase the value we associate with those involved in the process. Even at the studio, we subscribe to environmentally conscious providers for energy and waste disposal, with as much of our waste collected for recycling as possible.  

Finally, as an entirely client focused business, W&W can also be proud that our ethical code includes cost. Clients are charged for the pieces they commission and every piece is planned in detail so that what we charge is accurate, fair and competitive.

We are currently working on our approach to sustainability and look forward to sharing the details of our planned approach in 2022.

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