Finding ‘The One’ – The Perfect Gemstone

The heart and soul of jewellery – the right gemstone is key to creating a bewitching bespoke piece.

The process of choosing just the right stone is ever changing, whilst some designs will dictate the gemstone required, sometimes it is the unique character of the stone itself which determines the perfect design.

Below, W&W owner and gemstone specialist Simon shares how he sources our incredible array of precious stones and how he knows when he has found ‘the one’…

How important is the right gemstone when creating a bespoke piece of jewellery?

Gemstones are often the focal point of our bespoke jewellery so choosing the right one plays a crucial role in the final piece.

We usually start our consultation process by discussing the focus stone – eking out what makes our client tick, whether that be a particular colour, size, cut or style. Once we have established a general scope for the piece we bring in an array of beautiful gemstones which fit the bill. We talk our client through the collection discussing the merits of each and considering elements of the overall design at the same time.

How do you go about finding just the right stone when a client comes to you with something specific in mind?

In the same way that we listen to clients in reference to the piece they are looking to create we will also listen to them to gauge their preferences on the gemstone. This can be down to how high they want the quality to be as well as their preference on colour. In the initial consultation we are working out what is important to them, the final piece they are looking to create and how best we can go about that for them.

From many years working within the bespoke jewellery industry we have established close relationships with the best gemstone providers in the world. From a rare musgravite to the perfect cushion cut diamond, we are able to source the perfect certified stone, no matter what our client desires.

How does the gemstone influence the design of a piece?

The design of the piece often flows from the main gemstone, so it does have a great deal of influence.
Our designers are experts in emphasising the beauty of a gemstone through clever and creative design. From intricate settings allowing light to refract in just the right way, to clever use of colour and embellishment.

However, gemstones are not the only factor at play in bespoke jewellery, equal to ensuring a chosen stone truly shines, it is important that the design itself is a thing of beauty. The conversation between the two is a line our designers are skilled at walking, always intent on creating the most beautiful bespoke piece – a work of art which will bring joy to the wearer for years to come.

What is the most elusive gemstone you have ever sourced?

With the connections W&W have nurtured there is yet to be a gemstone we are unable to source. Over the years we have provided clients with exquisite selections of all sorts of precious stones, from sapphires in every hue and flawless green emeralds to the most beautiful crystal clear diamonds.

I love the initial stage of putting together a selection of gemstones to choose from. It is so interesting to see what stands out to the client and to see their reaction. It is certainly a very exciting stage and one that clients really enjoy. There are always some that simply don’t get a look in, but others really help to make the project a reality.

Tell us about your favourite gemstone and why you love it?

Although not the most original answer, I really love diamonds and particularly fancy cuts. I find that you can get lost in their beauty and that’s when you know you have chosen the right one – you just can’t stop looking at it.
Fancy cut diamonds each have their own individual appearance and unique character – cut to specifically enhance that particular stone – and the right ones can be very mesmerising.

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